Two climbers, 82 summits, 100 days.


To raise awareness about the devastating effects of climate change and to initiate a movement that enables positive actions.

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Our planet has a fever.

Dear reader,

That you read this means that the Climb for Climate project has gotten your attention. We are happy and grateful for that and we hope that it will continue to do so.

The climate has inarguably warmed over the past 150 years, and at an alarming and ever-increasing rate, glaciers are melting and mountains are falling down. A whole ecosystem is being disrupted which has significant impact on sea levels, water supply, biodiversity and, ultimately, on humans.

We are experienced mountaineers, but also regular citizens. We are united by the love for the mountains and the passion to create a sustainable environment where nature and humans can live side by side.

During our many years in the Alps and other alpine regions we have witnessed, from first row, the significant impacts that the climate change has had on our alpine environments.

So, what can we do? How can we contribute?

Many believe that it is beyond their power to make any meaningful difference. We believe exactly the opposite. Nobody is perfect. At this point in time fossil fuels are the mainstay of human life. We all must use cars, buses, take airplanes, eat food, and use products which come from far away.

The idea of an "all-or-nothing" commitment to change is self-defeating. Everyone can make small and big changes to reduce their impact on the Earth's ecosystem.

We want to demonstrate simple ways, both large and small, that people and organisations can take steps forward. To enable and inspire them to take meaningful action, on all levels from individual to governmental, towards a positive outcome for the Earth.

In the end, it will be a combination of actions on a number of levels that will solve our problem. Technology, government regulation, global agreements, capital distribution, as well as individual behaviour, will all work together to make progress happen.

We have founded the Climb for Climate project as a catalyst for change. A movement that can engage and create awareness that leads to positive climate action.

This is our way to give something back. As humans. As mountaineers.

Join us on our journey.

Peter Sandahl and Danny Uhlmann

The climbers

Peter Sandahl is a Swedish mountaineer living in Stockholm, Sweden. He has spent considerable time in the European Alps and deeply cares about the preservation of our alpine ecosystem and to help secure that humans and nature can co-exist in a sustainable manner.

Danny Uhlmann is an American IFMGA/UIAGM Mountain guide living in Chamonix, France. He has built a career of guiding groups and individuals around the world, especially in Antarctica where he has helped advance cutting edge scientific knowledge from the polar environments.

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The Climb for Climate – 82 Summits for Change is a global climate change initiative which aims to raise broad awareness about the impact of climate change on our alpine environments and their surrounding ecosystems.

Thank you South Pole for compensating the project’s CO2 emissions.

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