Two climbers, 82 summits, 100 days.


To raise awareness about the devastating effects of climate change and to initiate a movement that enables positive actions.


Nordea is the largest financial services group in the Nordic region and one of the biggest banks in Europe. Nordea wants to make a real difference — for our customers and for the communities in which they operate — by sharing their broad expertise based on 200 years in the banking business.

Together with customers and partners Nordea enables the transition towards a sustainable future.

The financial industry plays an important role in addressing climate change. Banks and other financial institutions presides over a large pool of the world’s capital. Capital that needs to shift from high to low carbon activities if we are to avoid dangerous climate change outcomes.

Sustainable finance at Nordea is about integrating sustainability into all our business activities and products within our core areas of investment, financing and customer advice. By acting on behalf of our clients we can contribute to economic growth and prosperity, through capital allocation and interaction with companies. Nordea is committed to sustainable business and development by combining financial performance with environmental and social responsibility

“we are very happy that Nordea has decided to join and support us on our journey. The financial industry plays a key role in fighting climate change and with their expertise, Nordea will help us raise the awareness of how the industry can take the lead in this fight — and why they must do it.”

Peter Sandahl and Danny Uhlmann
Founders of Climb for Climate – 82 summits for change.

Climate Change is a sustainability risk that poses serious risks to the global economy and will have an impact across many economic sectors. Recent emissions of greenhouse gases are the highest ever, driven by for example economic and population growth, by energy use and lifestyle. As the largest bank in the Nordics, Nordea has a clear responsibility and a big opportunity to make a difference – as the bank can facilitate capital allocation that can help the transition to a low-carbon economy. To formalize its view and actions related to climate change Nordea has developed a position statement on climate change.

Learn more about the Sustainable Finance approach at Nordea in their latest The Sustainable Finance Annual report. This report helps you get insight and tangible examples of how Nordea work with sustainability in their investments and financing. It provides examples of how Nordea adapt to global challenges, mitigate risks on environmental, social and governance issues and engage in material issues. Nordea does this to enable their customers to make more sustainable choices. This is real stories and real change.
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The Climb for Climate – 82 Summits for Change is a global climate change initiative which aims to raise broad awareness about the impact of climate change on our alpine environments and their surrounding ecosystems.

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